Saturday, October 6, 2018

WCMD 2018 | Lucky 7 Limit Challenge with Shay

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Hello lovelies!

You've made it to our last challenge for WCMD 2018 and I hope you are having a splendid time.

I have a different challenge for you which I am calling the Lucky 7 Limit Challenge.  What is you may be wondering.  Let me explain.  If you choose to take on this challenge you will be limited to a total of 7 colors (yellow would count as 1 color even if you have several shades), layers, products/supplies (patterned paper, embossing powder, stamp sets, stencils, dies, etc.) and embellishments.  For instance you could choose to create a 1 layer card with 3 products  (2 stamp sets + 1 embellishment like enamel dots) and 3 colors.  Tools (like a die cutting machine, MISTI, ink blending tool, water, adhesive), inks, cardstock and neutral colors (white, grey, brown and even black) are freebies and do not count towards your 7.  I have a couple of examples for you.

Card No. 1

So for a really simple card that really has no problem meeting this challenge I give you this little number:

1 layer + 2 colors + 1 stamp set = 4!

This card uses In Bloom: Ashlee's Posies with Lydia Evans stamp set along with 2 colors of Catherine Pooler Inks: flirty fuchsia and grass skirt stamped on a white cardstock base.  Sometimes it doesn't take much to have a pretty card.


Card No. 2

Now, I have another card that does stretch the bounds of this challenge:

2 layers + 2 colors (blue & green) + paint + die cut + glittery thicker = 7!

This is a super easy card where I used the solid star from True Multifaceted Star Cutaways to create a star pattern on a piece of a cardstock and then with ink painted around the stars and then painted in the stars with white paint and I also painted on some glimmery paint over the blue and green (I am going to count the 2 paints as a single item: paint lol).  Then I adhered the panel to a white A2 piece of cardstock and finished it with a glittery "1" Thicker.


I can't wait to see your take on this challenge!

Prize: One randomly chosen project that is linked up will win $50.00 gift credit to the w&w shop.  **Remember for rules about the challenges to read up HERE.**

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  1. Fun theme for the challenge, lovely cards :)

  2. Unusal challenge. But definitely fun to participate

  3. This seems like a very fun challenge. I may have to give this one a try! Beautiful floral card!

  4. Awesome cards Shay ...bit complicating but I know it's going to be fun..

  5. Fun! Love that you've used pretty stamping on one card and artsy paint on the second, Shay!

  6. Oh my goodness! Maths!!!! Bwahahahahaaha. OK, this one sounds like I gotta go CAS. That's cool. I can do that. The colours will be a challenge though. What fun!!!! Great cards. Love it. Back soon. Hugz

  7. Great challenge; sometimes we don't realize how much goes into a clean and simple card.

  8. Thanks for explaining how this challenge works, because I have to admit that it gave my brain a workout at first!! Off to see what I can come up with.

  9. That’s a fun challenge Shay ! And your examples cards are so cool ! Love, Marjorie

  10. hmmmm this is certainly going to be a challenge - lol!!

  11. This is not easy!! lol I made a really simple card, but it had 8!! Ugh!
    Back to the drawing board. lol

  12. Well, I had my first fail..ugh. Thought I had 7 items but it turned out to be 8. I see that I'm not the only one having trouble with this, lol!

  13. What a unique Challenge and it is indeed a tough one!!!
    Dr Sonia

  14. You are so creative and am new to this kind of challenge but you really did a fine job on yours so I will try it with all of your inspiration!! Fun and they turned out so gorgeously!!

  15. What a fun challenge, Shay!

  16. Beautiful cards and creative challenge..

  17. Love this challenge! Beautiful cards. Thanks for all the fun Shay!!!

  18. Very fun challenge when you start thinking about using 7 items layers etc.

  19. This was a fun, but a little confusing, so I hope I'm counting things correctly LOL!!

  20. This was a unique challenge and the entries are lovely.

  21. I just love your amazing floral card.
    hugs xx

  22. Fun idea for a challenge, but I didn't have time during this busy week to try making an entry. Thanks for all the fabulous challenges and amazing generosity. W&W has THE very best WCMD festivities anywhere on the net!!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com


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