Thursday, February 1, 2018

w&w 4th Birthday Bash | Use Your Scraps Challenge with Kelly


Hi Folks! We are going to get so much accomplished in this challenge! It's an easy one to do, and let me tell you how good you are going to feel after taking this one on! In the spirit of New Year's resolutions, getting more organized, and cleaning up, here is my challenge:
Make a card (or two or three) with only the leftovers from your prior projects. 
If you are super organized and always use or lose your scraps right away, then go participate in some of the other Birthday Bash Challenges, set aside any leftover pieces, and then come back here to transform those into a new card.
However, if you are like me, you might have a pile of scraps that you've been saving for just the right occasion. I'm happy to tell you, NOW IS THE RIGHT OCCASION! Don't save them for a rainy day, for that special project that may never come, or for that certain someone you haven't sent a card to. This drawer sits on my desk and holds all my circles on the left, and rectangles on the right. Typically I'll grab a few of these to add a little something to the inside of a card before writing my message.

 This drawer holds all my hearts, stars and flowers. 

This binder holds all my word die cuts and sentiments. These used to be in a massive pile which was impossible to find anything in so nothing got used. A few months ago I sorted these out and put each word in a pocket made for baseball cards. I also have sections for stamped sentiments that never got used, like "happy birthday", or for sentiments that all mean something similar, like "make a wish", "blow out your candles", "it's your day", etc. If I'm in a hurry these really come in handy! I'll also keep multiples of favorite images that accumulate, like flowers to color in, critters, etc.

I used to have a pile on my desk of larger backgrounds and half-finished cards. I am happy to report that pile is now GONE, and replaced with this pile of FINISHED CARDS! Whoo-hoo! This pile had been growing for years, so had products from all different companies in it, but I'll share some of my favorite Winnie & Walter cards here...

This one features a panel from Mini Scenery: Into the Woods and greens from In Bloom: Paulina's Greenery Cutaways.

This one features the sequins from Scenery: Big Bang Bling mixed with real sequins. 

Here's Mini Scenery: Multifaceted with a limited edition flower from w&w and Simon Says Stamp.
This card doesn't even really have a main focal point. I just used several spare sentiments in colors that coordinate (I obviously couldn't make up my mind on a prior card!) combined with a glittered poinsettia from In Bloom: Debra's Poinsettia with Lydia Evans

This background panel is from a demo at Creativation last year, and I just layered a circle, flower (from The Big, The Bold and Extras), leaf and sentiment on top.

This simple sentiment from The Big, The Bold and You was already embossed on a scrap piece of paper. I vaguely remember being unhappy with how choppy the watercolors were in the background so I started over and tossed this in a pile, where it sat for years and was doing no one any good. Use it or lose it. This would be great for an everyday sort of card, or something that you typically wouldn't send a big-production card for. Maybe someone helped you on a school committee, came to your child's sporting event, or collected your mail while you were on vacation. Wouldn't it be great to put this to use and surprise someone by recognizing them for something small?

This panel with a tree from A Tree for All Seasons was already finished, so I just had to find some coordinating patterned paper and add it to a card base. Doesn't have to be difficult, or involved, this exercise is just about being DONE.

I can't wait to see what a dent you can make in your pile of scraps! I honestly had a smile on my face for days after going through my pile, and even told my non-card making friends about my accomplishments. Don't forget to take a photo of your pile before you dive in (as I wish I would have done!) This also counts as cleaning, especially if you can claim back precious real estate in your work space. You can legally ask your family to please not bother you while you're cleaning the house : )

Good luck!


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  1. He he Kelly Everyone is going to thank you for setting up this challenge !! I recently got a binder and am sorting my scraps ,a massive task !You are so organized and I love the pile of your cards with scraps !

  2. Wow, I'm in awe, not only of your finished cards, but also of your organisational skills.
    Funnily enough, I was thinking only yesterday that I often take the first thing I find on my messy crafting table to finish a card. I'm just as curious as you are to see what I can cone up with for this challenge LOL.

  3. love your organization, and getting half finished stuff done often leads to lots of design ideas afterwards since the unused bits no longer clutter your space or mind.

  4. I have bits & pieces all over, unfortunately! Shouldn't have any trouble coming up with a card!

  5. How fun! Love how beautifully you come up with your pile of scraps in finished cards! I have a lot too in my drawer!

  6. This is great! I love this challenge. I save all my scraps and now it't time! Lol!

  7. OMG!!! So many beautiful cards..You rock girl..

  8. That’s such a great idea for a fun challenge !

  9. I am super-inspired by this post and your challenge, Kelly! I have tons of half-baked projects and ideas.....that I have been saving for who knows what or why!!

    Last evening I went through some of them and matched up coordinating scraps with the bits and bobs and made 3 cards!! Thank you for getting me started. I love that it is okay to just use what we have in our scraps to make some garden variety cards...not necessarily the best or fanciest cards ever. Our handmade cards are always appreciated by the recipients...because they came from the heart.

    That said....all your cards are wonderful!! What a lovely variety!! I hope to have a nice little stack of finished cards by the time this challenge is over, too.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  10. Oh, I am SO excited by this challenge because (like so many of us) I am up to my neck in scraps, left-over bits and pieces, extra stamped images and everything under the sun. I can't wait to dig into my pile and end up with a few finished cards to donate to the nursing home!

  11. LOVE this challenge Kelly! Your cards are amazing~

  12. Yes, need to use some scraps. Got plenty of those. Hugz

  13. Good for you for finishing up your cards, Kelly. They all look wonderful.

  14. All of your cards are so beautiful! You made great use of your scraps! I save my scraps too, all of them, even the tiniest bit! I hate waste! I kept them all together this past week especially for your challenge! I love how my card turned out!

  15. Thanks so much for this post. I have my box full of scraps on my table, too (I hate waste them!) and a big open box with a thousand -or more- plastic cd envelopes fit with diecuts from scraps, sorted by type.
    But I spend a lot of time to find things that matches well together... Your organization about a binder with pocket is so useful, I will do it! And also the little paper boxes for sorting them in the drawer! :D
    Great tricks!
    Thanks for the challenge, too!

  16. Hi Kelly

    Some great storage ideas and also wonderful cards you've made! I run a fortnightly challenge called The Snippets Playground and see quite a few of the girls have joined in with this great challenge! The thing is - I'm absolutely convinced that scraps (aka snippets) actually breed when we aren't looking! I'm a huge Winnie and Walter fan, just added myself to your followers and will do my best to join in with such a fun challenge. From one hoarder to another,

    Di xx

  17. Vielen Dank, Kelly! You motivated me to tackle my scrap pile. Not the bins and drawers of scraps that have already been "organized", mind you, but hey it's a start!

  18. What a fantastic job you did using up your schtuffs, Kelly! Each card is so stunning! I'm mega inspired now!!! Hugs, Darnell

  19. Thank you Kelly for sharing all of your thoughts and process's, very motivational.... Going to apply some of your suggestions!!!!


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