Friday, January 10, 2014

Special Guest Stars Guessing Game + Giveaway

Note: 1 of 3 posts today.  Coming Attractions post is HERE.  First Release: The Big Giveaway post is HERE.
We are over-the-moon excited about our Special Guest Stars who are honoring us with their talent for our Grand Opening Red Carpet Event.  We thought why not have some fun and have you guess who they are? 


Our first clues will be here and any additional clues (if necessary) can be found on Facebook.

You can comment here on this post or on Facebook to win.

Let's begin! 

****Edited January 11, 2014 to reveal names of Special Guest Stars****

Special Guest Star 1: Hails from the great state of Kansas.  She has mad skillz with the Silhouette.
Nichol Magouirk
Special Guest Star 2: She knows how to inspire with her monthly card kit from Kentucky.  She's a Diet Dr Pepper addict.
Stephanie Washburn (correctly guessed by Audrey)  
Special Guest Star 3: Her videos were a Saturday treat.  Like us she's got her nerd on.
Melissa Stinson (correctly guessed by Lisa Bankes-Lahiff)
Special Guest Star 4: Lovely and clean are her game.  Hanging cards are her specialty.
Laurie Willison (correctly guessed by Sarah Gough)
Special Guest Star 5: Glitz-y is one way to describe her.  She's a pro with the camera.
Lea Lawson (correctly guessed by Maria F.)


And since we are making you guess we think we should have prizes.  The first person who correctly guesses each special guest star will receive a digital item of their choice (of a $3.99 value or less) from our website. The person who guesses the most special guest stars correctly will receive The Daily Grind Collection Vol. 1: All in Bundle + The Daily Grind Collection Vol. 1: Chalkboard Numbers (all of our current digital items for sale).  Woohoo!

All winners during our Grand Opening Red Carpet Event will be announced on January 15, 2014.



  1. I only have one guess: #1: Laurie Willison.

  2. #4 has to be Laurie Willison with her cool dies!

  3. And we have our first winner! Sarah Gough you are right, Special Guest Star No. 4 is Laurie Willison!!

  4. Yay! The others have me stumped lol

  5. Replies
    1. Yay! You got it Audrey. Special Guest Star No. 2 is Stephanie Washburn.

  6. Oops, no not Jocelyn (you would have said digi stamps and not camera). Must be Lea Lawson with her magnificent layers.

  7. Maria, you got! Lea is Special Guest Star 5.


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