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WCMD 2017 | Variations Challenge with Shay

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Hello there lovelies!  Whew you've made it to the last challenge for this year's WCMD.  The Big Hop! was amazing, right?  How about all those challenges by The Talent to get you inspired?  Well, I am going to further challenge you because I know you can handle it. :-)  I call this challenge the Variations Challenge.

I made you two cards today:


I actually began with the blue card and then decided I wanted another with brighter colors.  Which got me thinking about how you can use the same basic design and come up with variations on it.   I actually love doing this and have done it many times which I will share with you later in this post for more examples.

For each card I stamped the woodgrain star from Comfort + Joy (woodgrain still my heart!) in a pattern that conveys some movement.  The holiday card is using bright, sunny colors while the other is a cool blue-grey.  I also did some second generation stamping for a little more interest.  Then I stamped the sentiment from In a Word: Happy (the stamp set) in black on white cardstock and cut it out using the In a Word: Happy Coordinating Cutaways.  For the birthday card I cut out In a Word: Happy Cutaway from navy cardstock.  I attached the die cuts to the cards using foam dimensional adhesive.  I stamped the supporting sentiment from In a Word: Happy (the stamp set).  Then I embellished with puffy stars and in the case of the holiday card some enamel dots too that coordinated with each of the main 4 colors used.  For the holiday card I attached the panel to a larger black cardstock panel and then to an A2 card base.  For the birthday card I attached the panel to an A2 card base.

I decided to keep with the stars for both cards, but I could have easily changed out the star for a heart or circle for the second card, but still created an interesting variation on the first card.

I wanted to share some other versions of this challenge I have done in the past to help inspire you:

Feminine vs. Masculine using the exact same background with additions of the flowers to the feminine version and touches of vellum while the masculine has a more streamlined aesthetic using just a little navy cardstock as an accent:

For twins boys using the same colors, but variations in images and main focal colors to highlight the boy's individuality.  This is a great way to use a embellishment from the same collection to create several cards:

Same background design with different colors and sentiments and changes in the focal images:

Same supplies with changes in images (from same stamp set) and different sentiment cutaways (dies):


Now your challenge should you choose to accept it is to create one card and then make at least 1 more with variations to the original card.  You can change up the sentiments, the shape, the colors, the embellishments, etc. or all of them.

I am so excited to see your take on this challenge.  Thank you so very much for joining us for this WCMD and making it all the more wonderful for your presence and participation.

Prize: One randomly chosen project that is linked up will win $50.00 gift credit to the w&w shop.

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  1. WOW - WONDERFUL cards Shay!
    Your variations are EXCITING!
    I can't wait to start creating a pair of cards and join the creative FUN :)

  2. wow! so many possibilities :) how exciting!
    thanks for all the inspiration

  3. Such wonderful inspiration and wonderful cards. So many ideas. I love to change up a card, especially if it's one I really love or is great fun to make. Thanks.

  4. What a super fun challenge and a wonderful selection of cards to get the creative juices flowing.

  5. Super cool cards with variations !

  6. An intriguing challenge - and a fabulous way to stretch our supplies! Your showcases: only awesome! Thank you for the amazing inpiration!

  7. Love these Shay!!! Such a smart thing to do while you're still in "the zone"!!

  8. Clever challenge, Shay! I'll have to noodle on this one a little bit. :)

  9. Interesting challenge - I will have to get my thinking hat on:)

  10. Beautiful cards Shay! I love the variations of the same design! Love this challenge.

  11. Wow.. beautiful Cards.. Love those combos..

  12. Beautiful cards Shay! I love the variations of the same design and Totally thrilled to be taking part !!

  13. Beautiful cards & a great challenge.

  14. Great idea of variations. I will try it out. Thank you very much for the pain you take to provide us inspiration. Love you.

  15. Love the fun of making multiples of designs by varying just a bit here and there. The cards with stamped stars are my favorite!

  16. This is an amazing different challenge! Loved playing along :) Thank you for the gorgeous inspirations :)

  17. Love your samples, Shay--great challenge!

  18. Fun challenge. Great card samples b

  19. How fun to actually have an excuse to make the same basic design more than once. Sometimes I can't think of a new way to use a stamp set and fall back on what works most easily. You prove that doesn't have to be boring but can be fun and creative

  20. Really unique and wonderful challenge! Love all the fabulous ideas and cards too.

  21. What a fantastic challenge
    ...awesome sets of card you have shared Shay

  22. These cards are lovely. This challenge is such a clever idea and I love your execution.

  23. This may be the most fabulous challenge theme ever!! I LOVE making multiples and often vary the design in some way....sometimes UNintentionally!! Ha. Your cards are just gorgeous, Shay! Thank you for an AMAZING WCMD event!! I didn't get to participate as much as I had hoped, but it was a ton of fun anyway!! Hugs and many thanks for ALL you do!!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com


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