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Hi Folks! Kelly here. Even though I don't scrapbook as much as I would like, I still have the urge to document things throughout the year. And I love traditions. Enter the Thanksgiving blessings turkey.

He's kooky, he's charming, he features The Big, the Bold and Blessings Cutaways down each colorful feather. And if you look at his backside,

he's got a feather for each year. Why? Well, he's waiting to record why everyone around the Thanksgiving table feels blessed. We rotate among three different families each year, and in addition to being a fun activity, I thought this turkey would make a great "scrapbook" without any ongoing effort from me to record the thoughts of so many different family members.

Here's our first completed feather, from last year. Great Grandma is 94 years old and it means so much to me that not only do we have her thoughts here, but we also have her handwriting captured. It brought a big smile to my face when I got it out of the decorations box this week. And let's face it, we probably all need more Thanksgiving decorations; it's such a neglected US holiday decorating-wise, sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas!

  In a couple weeks I'll add the 2015 feather to his backside and leave the blessings turkey up until the Christmas decorations come out. I think it will be fun to see him grow each year.  

I made a simple, square stand for my blessings turkey, with slots on two sides to stand him up. Nothing fancy, as you see. The burlap is just adhered onto the cardstock stand with tape runner adhesive. The space in the back section of the stand woks well to store future years' feathers. To hold the feathers on the turkey itself, I cut out a dark brown circular shape and adhered it to the body, leaving a 3/4" margin along the edge that's not adhered. That's enough room for me to snugly slip the feathers in and have them stay.

I love how the scripty font of "blessings" gives the feathers more definition.

Here he is, all together. The turkey cut file is from the "Turkey" image at the Silhouette Store. The patterned papers are from the We R Memory Keepers Jet Set collection. Gobble, gobble!

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  1. Awesome idea! Cute all the colors.

  2. Such a cute and awesome idea. This would be great for a wedding gift, as well.. A couple just starting out, and just starting the Holiday traditions for their new blossoming family. ♥ Let's face it, when we start out, we don't have much for decorations either.. hehe

    1. Absolutely! What I wouldn't give to read what my husband and I were grateful for 18 years ago when we got married. I'm quite sure it wouldn't be the same as our current blessings! And I know the people around our table were different as well. A wedding gift is a fabulous idea, Shari!!

  3. Such a cute idea Kelly, thanks for sharing!!

  4. Such a lovely idea Kelly! Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is a fantastic idea.
    My daughter has two young sons and has has buntings hanging around every doorway to decorate for EVERY occasion. She loves making things with the boys and starting their own traditions. She would LOVE one of these. Our son and his wife have their own home but no children yet so this would make a lovely gift for them as well! A great way to start their memories.TFS!

  6. Your idea is fabulous, the thought behind it just warms my heart, Kelly ... such a wonderful gift to have someone's handwriting forever, and ever! I cherish my mom's handwritten recipe cards above all!
    =] Michele

  7. What a CUTIE and a DELIGHTFUL tradition Kelly!!!
    Apart from documenting everyone's blessings over the years, I think that the handwriting is a priceless treasure. It touched my heart when you said about your Grandma's handwriting ... I am just the same with our family. And it looks like you have touched everyone else's too!!! While I have always loved the written word, I appreciate them all the more since losing my Grandpa last year, my Mother-in-Law and husband's last Uncle earlier this year. It is a precious link to them that is with us forever, from envelopes & cards written by Grandpa, birthday & anniversary reminders and recipes written by MIL.
    It is going to be such a wonderful trip down memory lane each year, especially as his tail grows, you are "scrapping" many more moments & memories this way than a traditional page ever could => THANK YOU for sharing :)

    1. While we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, I am going to recommend your idea to my Brother & SIL who live in the US. I'm also going to trying stretching your idea into something that our families can do together at Christmas.


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