Monday, November 9, 2015

Ready Set Stamp with LLC Collaboration

This is the second post of the day.  To see Rerun No. 6 | Happy Christmas CLICK HERE.

ready set stamp with llc 

Today it's time for Ready Set Stamp with LLC (Laurel Beard, Laura Sterckx and Catherine Poller) Collaboration.  Laurel, Laura and Catherine are using the same products (In Bloom: Hollie's Festive Florals + Merry & Bright with Evelin T Designs and Essentials: Noelle Cutaways) to each create something completely different!

You won't want to miss their projects and videos and there is also a giveaway!

Laurel Beard

Laura Sterckx

Catherine Pooler


  1. Wow!! That's nice!! Can't wait to see what they have created!!

  2. THANK YOU for sponsoring this FUN collaboration :)
    I really enjoy seeing the different designs created by Laurel, Laura & Catherine using the same "ingredients"!!!

  3. THEY ROCK! Love three of their videos!


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