Saturday, April 6, 2019

Winners of Rerun No. 38 | Happy Dance with Evelin T Designs + Challenges Inspired by February Leading Lady Rosali's Posts

Happy April and Saturday!  I am afraid we are not going to be having any Leading Lady posts this month...I am in the middle of what I term "the big move".  I am culling through a lifetime of accumulated junk stuff and donating a lot of it so we can downsize (plus there are renovations on 3 properties happening too so we can move and then put our current house on the market -- it is crazy town around here).  As I have some truly heinous hoarding tendencies I am one of the slowest and most obnoxious of packers as I am ridiculously emotionally attached to everything. lol  Anyway, the good news for all you guys is I will be having a moving sale on all in stock w&w items, because the less I have to pack up for the move the better (so watch out for that post)!

Today I am announcing some of the winners from the past several months challenges and will continue to do so in a couple posts or so. 

Rerun No. 38

What sweet cards everyone submitted for this challenge!  The randomly chosen winner is:

No. 4 | Dee Earnshaw

Thank you for all your kind comments as well!  The winner of the Happy Dance with Evelin T Designs stamp set is:

No. 5 | Becca Yahrling

Challenges inspired by February Leading Lady Rosali's posts

Oh my goodness are these cards for these challenges amazing!  I am so glad you were so inspired by Rosali's incredible cards and posts!

Week 1
No. 8 | Shona Chambers

Week 2
No. 1 | Greta H.

Week 3

No. 5 | Isha

Week 4
No. 5 | Mary-Anne V.

Congrats everyone!   Please email us at info {at} winniewalter {dot} com.  Becca, I will additionally need your mailing address.

Have a very happy day,


  1. I don't envy you, Shay, for having to purge your belongings and the hassle and stress of moving and renovating. We brought over way too much stuff when we relocated from the Netherlands to Greece 10 years ago. I, too, am terrible at organising and letting go. I try to put a brake on my hoarding tendencies but am obviously looking forward to a W&W sale.
    Congrats to the lucky winners. I had intended to play along with (at least some of) Rolali's LL challenges, but there simply are not enough hours in a day.
    Marianne x

  2. First, THANK YOU so very much for the awesome win of 'Happy Dance'. I can't wait to ink up the bunny for some Easter cards. :-) And congrats to ALL the winners!! And 2nd, I can so relate to your moving … we did it last year and it was horrendous! So many trips to the thrift store. lol And I have to say, we're still not 100% put together at the new house. BUT, it did feel really good to get rid of a lot of stuff. If you haven't used it, or worn it, for a year or more, get rid of it (ok, not the photos or keepsakes!). I wish you the best of luck with your move. :-)

  3. Gosh, sounds like you are busy and what a lot to do!! Do take care. I am terrible at throwing things away as well!! Wow, a sale, that's fab. Congrats to all the lucky winners. Hugz

  4. Oh, moving is awful, terrible, horrible!!! (Can you tell I hate moving???? lol...) I feel for you! And I also have a terrible time getting rid of things. Best wishes for all to go smoothly during this time of transition!

    Congratulations to all the winners!!! So happy to see my crafty friend Becca on the list! Yay!!! All the challenges on Rosali's posts were so much fun. I hope you consider doing that again sometime.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  5. Ooooh, just found out I am the random rerun No. 38 winner and I am doing a 'happy dance' now - lol!!
    Thank you so much!
    congrats to the other winners, too - gorgeous work, ladies:)

    1. Hi Shay,
      Not sure if you have received my emails about claiming my GC since I haven't had a response.
      Hope this works - lol

  6. Congrats to the winners!!!
    Adorable cards!!!

  7. I did the downsizing thing about 10 years ago and it's the worst!!! Congrats everyone!

  8. Good luck with downsizing. I am so horrible about it but even baby steps feels really good once its done. So happy to see my name as a winner. Thank you! Sent you an email. Congrats to everyone.

  9. Good luck with the move and renovations, Shay. I get so stressed and overwhelmed with moving. The last time I moved, I went away for a few days and left everything for my poor husband to settle us in... best wife ever! *lol*😇🤣😂
    Congratulations to all! xx

  10. Better you than me--haha! Seriously, I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you, Shay! I'm in the midst of trying to declutter here & it isn't easy, that's for sure! So thrilled to be one of the winners--thank you so much!

  11. All the best Shay with your move..I know its so horrible...I moved 6 months back..and it took me good time to come back to my schedule...He he he..

    Congrats to all the winners..

  12. I hope everything goes well with your big move! Good luck with all the's such a tedious chore. Congratulations to all the winners . :)

  13. CONGRATULATIONS Everyone :)

    GOOD LUCK with your move Shay ... I feel your pain with the packing ... I tend to "collect" things and each time I see them I am filled with memories ... it's a time consuming process!


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