Wednesday, April 18, 2018

In a Word: Birthday Titles Cutaways with Kelly

Hi Folks! Kelly Griglione here to share a fun set of cards using In a Word: Birthday Tiles Cutaways. (Editor's Note: these will be back in stock very soon!)

This project started while Spring cleaning my craft room ... I made an honest effort while evaluating all my scraps and random pieces of projects laying around to "use it or lose it." Awhile ago I made this packaging as part of the August 2017 product release (see blog post). I haven't had an occasion to use it right away, and I really didn't want to keep storing something that bulky, so I removed the metallic purple bands and cut them down to size.

I wanted to put each metallic purple band on the bottom of the card, so for the top of the card I taped together three different cutaway phrases. As a bonus, all but the white card base are leftovers from prior projects as well!

 Once the words are set on the card base, all that's left to do is add some adorable critters ... Evelin T Designs to the rescue! The elephant from Happy Dance with Evelin T Designs looks so celebratory, especially with a balloon in hand. 

On the charcoal card, I added a cupcake from Wish Big with Evelin T Designs and got some puffy texture with my Tsukinekeo Radiant Neon Amplify liquid that magically gets puffy when you heat it. It's so fun to watch! The bird guarding the cupcake is from LS Exclusives: So Tweet with Evelin T Designs

The foxy flutist from Party On with Evelin T Designs is another leftover I was able to enlist for a focal point. As with the previous cards, I like that the die cuts extend over on top of the text so that you know the words are there, but they're not 100% visible. Kind of like how magazine covers are laid out so the main images are often covering a portion of the magazine title. You know what it says, but you don't see all the letters. 

Sometimes I hesitate on getting the companion die set because I think I can just get away with stamping all the images onto the card. This is a case where the dies were necessary ... both for the main image, and for the tiny music notes drifting through the negatively cut letters. 
One more thing to mention, the tree stump the fox is standing on for his performance is actually the cupcake turned upside down!

The last card has the kitty playing an accordion on a leftover heart from True Dotty Heart Cutaways. For all the critters I tucked the far leg behind whatever they were standing on so it looked more like they were dimensional. Also, on several of the cards I added some arrows from Scenery: Stripes 2.

It's been awhile since I've used a side fold card, and honestly I only did this because the leftover card bases I wanted to use were all folded that way. But in the end I rather like them this way, and might consider doing this more. Plus anytime you can see through to the inside of the card, I think that's a fun element to have. It's a chance to show off any patterned paper you have inside. 
Three cheers for a more efficient workspace (those long metallic purple strips were really a pain to store!) and for a new set of birthday cards. I'm happy with how they turned out!

Hope you're able to get some Spring cleaning done in your workspace. Every little bit helps!

Thanks for stopping by!
- Kelly




  1. Well, you have already helped us in our spring cleaning with "use your scrap challenge " Kelly !! Loved that you have done with those purple strips, lovely set of birthday cards.


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