Friday, April 13, 2018

April Documentarian Jen Gallacher | Introduction

Our second Documentarian is none other than Jen Gallacher!  I have been a big fan of Jen ever since she was a Garden Girl at Two Peas (do you remember them?).   She's so warm, friendly and shares such excellent information and tips in her videos.  Her work is eye-catching, bright, creative, well-balanced along with being visually stunning.   Jen is not only an accomplished memory keeper, but makes beautiful cards and paper crafts.  I was really lucky to get a chance to say hello to Jen in person this past January and I am so thrilled she is our Documentarian this month!  



Now let's learn more about Jen and peek into her Documentarian Dossier!


Jen Headshot Vertical

Name: Jen Gallacher

Family: I have 3 beautiful kids and am married to my best friend, Brett.

Something you love about where you live? We live near a bunch of farms and have one of the most beautiful mountains nearby that I can see right out my craft room window.

Favorite (favourite) food memory? My mom makes me carrot jello any time I’m sick. It’s orange jello with shredded carrots. My kids thinks it’s the weirdest thing ever, but I seriously feel so loved when I get it.

Your favorite (favourite) color combination to create with? Right now it’s yellow and teal.

How did you begin documenting memories? Many times I start with products because that reminds me of a story I want to tell. Then I will go hunting for photos to tell that story.

Who and/or what do you most enjoy documenting? I most enjoy documenting my kids, but they are getting older so now I’m trying to include more of myself in my scrapbooks.

What is your favorite (favourite) way of keeping memories? I love scrapbooking that includes my favorite photos, a sweet message to my kids, and a mix of things that are beautiful and make me happy.

What tips/advice would you give someone just starting out? Don’t get overwhelmed. Just pick one story and tell it. Your style and your approach will evolve over time. Find the love first!

What 5 items are essential to you for creating (photos are a given and exempt)?   Small tone-on-tone patterned paper designs. Ephemera Packs. Enamel Dots. Phrase stamps. Something with texture: twine, crepe paper, tassels, etc.

When do you need to feel inspired, who and/or what inspire you? Pinterest and YouTube. I always spend about an hour at the end of the day getting inspired for the rest of the week.

Who are your favorite (favourite) documentarians? Oh sooooo many. Right now I’m loving Jen Schow, Lorelei from Rosey Posey Studios, Paige Evans, Vicki Boutin, Becki Adams, and soooo many more.

Check back next Friday for Jen's first project post!


  1. Yay! OH how I miss the garden girls! Loved that!

  2. Welcome and congrats! 👏🎉🎉 Looking forward to seeing your work.


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