Friday, March 16, 2018

March Documentarian Flóra Mónika Farkas | Introduction

I am so excited about this new feature!  Like with our Leading Lady we will bring you another amazing artist who will inspire you this time with an emphasis on memory keeping.  We are dubbing this guest as our "Documentarian".

Our very first Documentarian is none other than Flóra Mónika Farkas!  Flóra is an amazing paper artist and person.  Her work is elegant, wonderfully balanced, colorful and full of dimension.  She works on such amazing design teams as Altenew, Crate Paper and Pinkfresh Studio.  I was so fortunate to meet her in person and I even had a chance to participate in an awesome Altenew Make and Take using their Reflection Scrapbook Kit (which is really fabulous by the way) with Flóra as my guide.  



Now let's learn more about Flóra and peek into her Documentarian Dossier!



Name: Flóra Mónika Farkas

Something you love about where you live? I love in Slovenia, Europe. This is a really small country with only 2 million inhabitants, but it has everything: mountains and seaside. I am in love with sea, so the biggest gift is to leave 1 hour of drive by the sea. I also love that because of the size Italy, Croatia and Austria is very very close.

Favorite (favourite) food memory? I like to eat very much, my favorite is seafood. When we decide where to travel, it always plays a major role of the local food. We are crazy about trying local and tradition food all over the world.

Your favorite (favourite) color combination to create with? I love anything pink. I love to combine it with yellow or teal.

How did you begin documenting memories? I found an online mini album workshop on the Facebook. My very first creation was a mini album for my Mom for Mother’s Day. That’s how everything started, then I was unstoppable.

Who and/or what do you most enjoy documenting? Our travel photos and photos of my family from Hungary. I like to “time travel” and experience once again the beautiful moments of our unforgettable trips. As I miss my parents and brother’s family, working with their photos it’s always charge up my soul and relieves the homesickness.

What is your favorite (favourite) way of keeping memories? 12x12 scrapbook layouts. To create a page it takes few hours and I have instant sense of achievement. I only need to choose and edit one or max three photos. I collect the layouts in albums in chronological order. I tried mini albums and Pocket Life, but these did not work well for me.

What tips/advice would you give someone just starting out? Choose (only!) 5 scrapbook layouts from Pinterest, buy a whole scrapbook collection (not random embellishments and papers) and scraplift the chosen pages. Process videos are also useful, but practice is the most important.

What 5 items are essential to you for creating (photos are a given and exempt)? I can’t do anything without my paper trimmer. I always use a small precision scissors as well. Date stamp never can miss from my creations. Then, just give my papers and stickers.

When do you need to feel inspired, who and/or what inspire you? I always need to feel inspired when I am creating. If I don’t have any idea or a good starting point, I rather don’t do anything. My main inspirations are the products itself. The design, colors, patterned papers and pretty cut files often determine my layouts.

Who are your favorite (favourite) documentarians? I am lucky enough to work with many talented scrapbookers in design teams. I admire their creativity and ideas.

Please check back next Friday to see Flóra's first project post!  


  1. How exciting! I can't wait to see what you make!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I also can't wait to share my first project here.

  2. What a coincidence ! I just started following Monika's blog today, mini album made by her lead me to blog ! I love her style very much , bright, modern and precise ! Excited to see what she creates with W&W products :)

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment! I am so happy you like my style and creations. I hope I won't disappoint you with my upcoming posts. ;-)

  3. Love this new feature! Can't wait to see how you use W&W goodies on scrapbook layouts! :)

    1. Exciting indeed! Stay tuned, my layouts are coming soon! :)

  4. Wow...Lovely idea...I am also into scrapbooking...can't wait to see ur lovely creations...

  5. Thanks for the invitation Shay! I am so happy to be the first Documentarian on Winnie & Walter Blog. xo

  6. Very good writing! Flora! You are the most talented scrapbooker ever! I am soo happy to be in the same team with you. I learn a lot from you.😊 I can't wait to see your cards and layouts with stamp sets! 😍


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