Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Merry Christmas with Kelly

Hi Folks! We have a restaurant in town that offers a bowl full of peppermint candies on your way out, and while I'm not a fan of the candy, I always enjoy looking at all the happy red and white swirly patterns layered on top of each other. One day I thought surely that could be translated into a card, right? So I tried! These "candies" are made from the Mini Scenery: The Peppermint Zone stamp, stamped through the hole made from a circle cut out of copy paper.

After I stamped the first candy, I covered it completely with a circle mask on top, and then put the circle hole mask to the side to stamp the second candy. So I was using both the circle and circle hole at the same time. Kinda like eating a donut and donut hole at the same time. OK, not really, but it's a good analogy in case you're having trouble picturing it! And goes along with the sweet theme : )

The "merry" is from In a Word: Merry Cutaway, and "christmas" was on a strip I had on hand. I wanted to tie the two words together so I threaded the black strip of paper with "christmas" on it through the "y" on "merry". The mat is one of my favorites from Essentials: Audrey Cutaways. I like that the scallops on the map echo all the circles of the candies.

Sure hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! Thanks for looking!




  1. Such a fun design. I have been meaning to try stamping this stamp through a circle mask, but you beat me to it AND you totally rocked it!

  2. This is so clever, Kelly. I'm not a fan of eating them either but they sure do look good on paper.

  3. Very cute and a
    great way to use
    the stamps. Merry
    Carla from Utah

  4. Kelly! You are a 'make it happen' kinda girl! LOve that about you, and this darling card! Merry Christmas!!! xx



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