Friday, March 18, 2016

3D Big Hugs and Kisses with Kelly

Hi Folks! Last week I showed Winnie & Walter's Flawless Diamond in 3D; today I'm sharing a 3D card featuring the Flawless Heart Cutaway. This card uses the same premise, where you make any die into a 3D element by 1) cutting many copies, 2) folding them all down the middle, and 3) gluing the halves together.

The Flawless Heart Cutaway is particularly fun to work with, because in addition to all the negative spaces from the facet outlines, there is a solid middle that we can play up in our 3D model. I die cut 6 hearts from double-sided paper. The outside, faceted heart is folded so the green side shows, whereas the inside, solid heart is folded in the opposite direction so that the burgundy side shows. It's great how you can get two different colors without having to double your amount of cuts!

To make the base, I started with two of the solid Flawless Diamonds. Then I cut a slit from the top to the middle on one diamond, and the bottom to the middle on the other diamond, and slid them together.

Once the base is in place, flatten it out and stamp your sentiment, going right across the center. This sentiment is put together from The Big, the Bold, and Friends.

For reference, you can see all the different pieces here. Notice, one of the diamonds has a toothpick (colored green with Copics) sticking up from behind. This will be the base that the 3D heart sits, or spins, on. The toothpick is glued to the paper, and placed under something heavy while it dries for a nice, strong bond.

It's so nice how the heart just slides right on the toothpick, through the natural space that is left in the center. No adhesive is needed.

The dimension you get from the rounded heart with the solid inside makes me so happy!
The Flawless Diamond base is also cut from double-sided paper so that the rear view is equally interesting. With this being a 3D card, and visible from all angles, it was important for me to make sure the back wasn't plain.

I had this card on my desk for a couple days because I liked it so much, and ended up wondering how I could take advantage of all those delicate facets. Threading gold fibers through the outside spaces sounded like a good idea, so I thought I'd give it a try. While it does add another element and texture, I thought it might be too much, and distracted from the neat facets. Ah well, you never know until you try, right?!

It did look really neat from the top though!
Like the others, this one folds flat for mailing, even with the gold thread going through it all. 

I hope you enjoyed the different looks you can give your dies, just by multiplying, folding and gluing them together! I think I'm going to try the True Multifaceted Circle next, or maybe the star ... stay tuned!




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