Friday, April 24, 2015

The Gossip Column with Taheerah Atchia No. 1 | Hot Gossips + Gossip Queen Announced

Welcome back, fellow Gossipers! We've been so thrilled to hear the buzz you've been generating about the first issue of The Gossip Column! Thank you all for your kind words, comments, shares, and your enthusiasm for this exciting new feature on the w&w blog!

Those of you who read the first column really seemed to enjoy the Colour Crush challenge and we had some truly amazing entries! Everyone picked some great colour combos and you certainly made it hard for us when it came to picking our winners!!

We thought long and hard, and finally arrived at our first ever Hot Gossips (runner-ups) and Gossip Queen (winner)!!

Drumroll please... 


CR2DESIGNS really wowed us with her creative combination of Toasted Almond, Tangerine Orange, Classic Blue, Aqua Marine, Lucite Green *and* the embossing also could count as Glacier Grey too, wow! The triangle grid approach and the amount of each colour really helped combine these colours with flair and without overpowering the design! CR2DESIGNS you are certainly Hot Gossip!!


Diane Jaquay's bold, bright card combined Tangerine Orange, Classic Blue, Glacier Grey and Aqua Marine with style and panache! Her stamping is impeccable and I can't get enough of those chevrons!! Diane your work has Hot Gossip written all over it!!

And that brings us to our first ever Gossip Queen... 


Michele (I Card Everyone)... her card caught the eye immediately for the beyond elegant combination of Custard Yellow, Strawberry Ice, Tangerine Orange and Glacier Grey! Not only was it a mouthwatering palette of hues, but her design bowled us over for its clever design, stunning attention to detail and we loved the addition of the sequins for interest and the really clever addition of the strips of cardstock as the stems of the flowers! Michele you are our first Gossip Queen!!

Diane and CR2DESIGNS you both win a $15 credit to the w&w store, and Michele you walk away with a $30 credit! Congratulations!! Please contact info{at}winniewalter{dot}com to claim your prizes!!

Please join us in congratulating these fantastic ladies and their amazing creations!! Everyone's entries were of such a high standard and you all deserve the plaudits too!! Please do take some time to browse the gallery to see everyone's work - you can find them at the bottom of the first The Gossip Column here.

For all you Gossipers who are keen to get the latest scoop, issue 2 of The Gossip Column will be hot off the press on Friday 8th May! We'll see you back here to get the exclusive on the latest gossip then!!

'Til then - keep on gossiping!


  1. Congrats to the winners with their incredibly creative, inventive cards! Enjoy your shopping!!

  2. I cannot even express how honored, happy, surprised and excited I am to be the first EVER Gossip Queen... thank you, ever so much, Taheerah, and Winnie & Walter! Congratulations to CR2Designs and Diane as well... what wonderful company I'm keeping!!
    =] Michele

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  4. Oops deleted my comment by mistake. . Anyway just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to play along in this challenge..this is the first time one of my cards has been selected for a excited!! Congrats to Diane and Michelle as well!! Now I have to do some shopping!
    Cindy ( aka CR2DESIGNS )

  5. These cards are worth gossiping about...they ROCK! Way to go, ladies! Yay for Michele, the first-ever Gossip Queen!

  6. Wow - I know two of these ladies being honored and what awesome stampers/cardmakers they are!! Congrats to all 3 and excited to see so much coolness and beauty in these cards!!!

  7. So excited to have my card chosen, this was such a fun challenge! Congrats to Michele and Cindy, your cards ROCK! I'm excited to shop, love love love Winnie & Walter!

  8. Congrats to all! I loved Michelle's card too it was amazing!

  9. Congrats to all the winners ..Your cards are gorgeous !!

  10. wahoooooo!!! congrats ladies and a super big shout out to Michele!!!

  11. CONGRATULATIONS to the HOT Gossips and Gossip Queen!!!
    Your cards are ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!

  12. Really lovely entries. Must have been very difficult to come up with the honorees but you really chose the best of the best.

  13. Really lovely entries. Must have been very difficult to come up with the honorees but you really chose the best of the best.

  14. What beautiful cards. How hard this must of been to pick the winners!!

  15. Wow the talent...congrats to the winners.


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