Monday, August 12, 2019

August/September Color Combo with Heather (Challenge)

Good morning! Heather here stopping by this morning to share a new Color Combo Challenge with you! Last month we stretched the challenge for two months, since I had a big family vacation planned for the summer. Well...surprise! We are going to do the same thing this month, since I am going to be traveling to Italy with a friend in September for two weeks, and that will give me extra time off to enjoy that trip!

Here is my color inspiration for this month - I was so very inspired not only by the lovely color combo in this photo...but even the pretty background design in the inspiration photo:

I started off by recreating the background using some Gouache Paints - a medium I've been loving more and more lately! I chose some colors from the color combo, and just used a brush to swipe on the colors, mixing a little here and there along the way.

Once that dried, I die cut the detail heart from True Multifaceted Heart Cutaways from white cardstock, tied some twine onto it, and then adhered it onto my background, tucking the top of the twine behind the front of that panel. I also tied a bow on the top of it, using that to hide the adhesive behind the bow.

Finished off by stamping my sentiment from Sentimental: Love on the top, and added a white scallop rectangle from Essentials: Audrey Cutaways layered behind it before mounting on a coordinating blue cardbase.

Now - I have a few favorites from the last Color Challenge to feature! 

First up - look at this GORGEOUS card by Aswini - such a lovely card, and perfect capture of the color combo as well! 

Next up, I love this little cutie from Becca! This image is one of my favs, and the fun layers make perfect use of the color combo as well!

And finally, this card by Nananas - love the soft textures with the color combo perfectly incorporated!


No. 10 | Ashwini
Ashwini's card is just gorgeously done with a lovely arrangement and design.

Ashwini, please email us at info {at} winniewalter {dot} com with the subject "June/July Color Combo Challenge Winner" to claim your prize.


New challenge will post on the second Monday of each Month, and will end on the Friday before the next challenge begins to allow time to pick a winner and some favorite entries to feature.

Now it's your turn to play along!
  1. Create a new project using the August/September Color Combo. 
  2. Use at least one (1) winnie & walter product.  This can include Cutaways (dies), Creative Screenings (stencils/masks), printable/digital items, cut files and/or stamp sets.  Remember we offer freebies in our shop.  Our freebies can be used to create your project(s) for this challenge.
  3. Link up your project below using the InLinkz Link-up by 11:55 p.m. CST on Friday, October 4, 2019.  
  4. Enter as many times as you want before the deadline.
  5. This August/SeptemberCombo Challenge may be combined with other challenges found here on the w&w blog or elsewhere. 
One randomly selected entry will receive a $25 gift certificate to Winnie and Walter. YAY!!! I can't wait to see your entries! 

Thanks for stopping by - have a wonderful day!

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  1. You've made such a gorgeous card with the new color combo, Heather! Love the background that you've created with the Gouache paints! So very inspirational!! Also, thank you so much for choosing my card as one of the winners! Congrats to Becca and Nananas too!

  2. Not enough words to express how honored I am that my card was picked as a favorite. Thank you so much! And congrats to Ashwini and Nananas - well deserved! Heather, your card is beautiful! With the twine, it reminds me of a sun catcher. Enjoy your trip to Italy - we are going there next year! :-)

  3. Gorgeous colour combo and stunning card!

  4. A gorgeous card, Heather! Love the way you've captured both the colours and movement of the inspiration photo in your card.
    Congrats to the favourites and the winner!

  5. wow, this is such amazing inspiration, I love your card!
    congratulations to the top picks and to the winner!

  6. Gorgeous moodboard and card Heather. Hugz

  7. Congratulations to the winner and Favorites....esp my craft friend, Becca!! Such lovely work by everyone!!!
    Thanks for this gorgeous color combo, Heather. I am just now getting in here to play and it looks like a fall palette to me so that's what I did with it. Your card is beautiful. Love your background!!
    Thank you for another fun challenge.
    Happy Fall!!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

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