Friday, May 11, 2018

May Documentarian Lilith Eeckels | Introduction

Our third Documentarian is none other than Lilith Eeckels!  Lilith is someone I have been a fan of for years.  In fact she was a special guest star of ours way back in February of 2014 (CLICK HERE to see her gorgeous layouts) and I was so thrilled to be able to invite her back to be a Documentarian.  Lilith's projects are stunning in every way.



Now let's learn more about Lilith and peek into her Documentarian Dossier!


Name: Lilith Eeckels

Family: I have been married for nearly 18 years and have 4 boys (Damien & Noé 14 years old, Robin 11 and Elouan 8)

Something you love about where you live? I live in a small village in the Belgian Ardennes. I love the stunning scenery and enjoy going for long walks.

Favorite (favourite) food memory? I LOVE LOVE LOVE fruit and vegetables and have found memories of picking fruit and veg in my mom’s garden in South Africa. We even had banana trees but never saw a banana as the monkeys beat us to them.

Your favorite (favourite) color combination to create with? Teal, Aqua and pink. I always seem to pick these hues and have to force myself to go with other colours.

How did you begin documenting memories? I started just after I got married in 2000  as I wanted to create a unique wedding album.

Who and/or what do you most enjoy documenting? My family and myself. It might seem strange but I have always struggled with my self image and would always stay well away from photos and getting my picture taken. Since I started using photos of myself my self confidence has grown and I have learnt to love myself.

What is your favorite (favourite) way of keeping memories? By far scrapbooking. I have tried my forms and enjoy all of them but I always go back to scrapbooking.

What tips/advice would you give someone just starting out? Just HAVE FUN and THERE ARE NO RULES. Do what you love and enjoy the process.

What 5 items are essential to you for creating (photos are a given and exempt)? 
1.      patterned paper (I wish some would be wallpaper designs as I’d put them on every wall in my house)
2.      STAMPS. It is my new FAVOURITE product. So versatile.
3.      Dies. I love making my own embellishments and my star, butterfly and heart die are always nearby.
4.      Die cut machine.
5.      a pen (for journalling)

When do you need to feel inspired, who and/or what inspire you? I am constantly inspired as I am a very curious person always on the look out for new things to try. I feel inspired by so many crafters but I love looking at nature and drawing inspiration from ads.

Who are your favorite (favourite) documentarians?
My FAVOURITE is Stephanie Howell. I love her style and she is the sweetest person ever. She is inspiring in so many ways.

I also have a scrapbooking crush on Enza Gudor. Her work is OUT OF THIS WORLD. She in on the Altenew team with me and her projects blow me away each and every time.

Erum Tasneem. Boy can she colour. Her cards are mind blowing.

My list could go on and on but I narrowed it down to three.

Check back next Friday for Lilith's first project post!

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