Friday, November 4, 2016

The Gossip Column with Taheerah Atchia No. 5 | Hot Gossips + Gossip Queen Announced

Welcome back, fellow Gossipers! We've been so thrilled with the response to the latest issue of The Gossip Column! We continue to be ever thankful all for your kind words, comments, shares, and your enthusiasm for this exciting feature on the w&w blog!

We were bowled over by the quality of each and every entry - you all certainly seemed to embrace the challenge, not just in terms of the use of precious metals, but in getting outside of your comfort zone and trying different techniques and designs and we were so impressed - bravo!!

Just to recap, for this challenge we wanted to see you use precious metals in your creations, with extra credit for outside-the-box interpretations and designs! We loved the results - some of the entries were just jaw-dropping!!

We have to say that all the entries for this challenge raised the bar so high that it really made picking winners extra difficult! We thought long and hard, and finally arrived at our decision for this column's Hot Gossips (runner-ups) and Gossip Queen (winner)!!

Drumroll please...

Ashwini had two outstanding entries to this challenge, and her second one is an absolute masterpiece! Her use of embossing paste through our Madison Creative Screenings, then adding gold, silver and copper leafing made for a simply stunning creation! Her unsual composition is spot-on, contrasting the classiness of the metals with a modern, almost avant-guarde layout has me staring at it again and again! Ashwini without a doubt this card is Hot Gossip!!

Cris G.'s amazing project took inspiration straight from one of the dress images included in the Gossip Column and turned it into a 3D work of art! We were so bowled over by her ingenity in combining several of the Multifaceted Cutaways and the Flawless Heart Cutaway to add texture and pattern to her dressform, and all the details of this are truly jaw-dropping - you really must click through to her blog to see all the glorious detail! Cris this head-turner rightfully makes you Hot Gossip!!

And that brings us to our lustrous Gossip Queen...

Jessica Lin.... her Flawless Diamond Cutaway shaker card looks so simple but is anything but! Look closer and you'll see dimension within dimension, different colours and finishes of precious metals, shimmer and glitz in her shaker housing, and just all-round amazingness! She crafted for hours with great perseverance which paid off in a multifaceted way! I couldn't help but name her Gossip Queen!!

Before we wrap up, we wanted to highlight one other individual, whose contribution to the challenge entries really deserves a special mention. Maryam really embraced the spirit of the challenge with every single one of her creations (we count six separate entries, several of which contained multiple cards!). She stretched herself far outside of her comfort zone, tried new techniques and styles, persevered with her ideas, and enjoyed the process along the way! Her entries were all stunning and you should definitely check them out! Maryam, as a result of all you put into this challenge we're awarding you a special Columnist's Recognition Award!!

Ashwini, Cris and Maryam - you each win a $15 credit to the w&w store, and Jessica you walk away with a $30 credit! Congratulations!! Please contact info{at}winniewalter{dot}com to claim your prizes!!

Please join us in congratulating these fantastic ladies and their amazing creations!! Everyone's entries were of such a high standard and you all deserve the plaudits too!! Please do take some time to browse the gallery to see everyone's work - you can find them at the bottom of the last The Gossip Column here.

For all you Gossipers who are keen to get the latest scoop, issue 6 of The Gossip Column will be hot off the press in a few weeks! We'll see you back here to get the exclusive on the latest gossip then!!

'Til then - keep on gossiping!



  1. These creations are stunning. Jessica's card design has me bowled over!! It is spectacular. Congrats ladies.

  2. really do not know hwo to express my feeling.. I feel so thankful... I really enjoyed to be part in this challenge . I loved every creation that you all submitted and i learned a lot from your posts. Thanks Shay for all the unique challenges, products and the talented and lovely Design team . Thanks for Your generousty that appear in lots of giveawy that you offer here in w&w blog and in the other cardmaking blogs challenges and hops , thanks for being such a creative and a kind lady. Thanks Taheerah, your challenge is one of the best I really love how you brings a unique challenge every time , and you make it more interesting with your unpredictable fabulous creation. Thanks for encouraging us to think out the box and trying a new techniques and explore something different. Thanks for all the participants that they puts lots of effort to make this challenge more unique and came with an amazing creation. It is an owner to be one of the gossipers - who participate -in this unique challenge. Sorry for my long comment but I wanted to thank you all.. Its not my usual to link all these enteritis .. But with this unique challenge , I couldn't resist to try all these. ..many Congratulations to the winner., your entries was very creative and fablous.

  3. Oh I am so honored! Thank you Taheerah for picking my card as the Gossip Queen! I really enjoyed this challenge and can't wait to participate in the next one! Congrats to Ashwini, Cris and Maryam as well! :)

  4. Yippie!!! Wow! Thank you so much for choosing my card, Taheerah! Being placed there right among Cris's and Jessica's masterpiece is amazing! And Maryam - seriously, you are amazing - 6 pieces!?! 6!?! Wow!! Way to go, ladies!!

  5. Yay! Thank you so much Taheerah, for choosing my little multifaceted dress as Hot Gossip! Congratulations to the other Hot Gossipers, Ashwini and Maryam with their fabulous creations, and also to our Queen, Jessica... oh what a close inspection can reveal: all kinds of sparkling, shakers, and a lot of different materials placed in different levels, what a card! Thank you so much to Shay for providing a great prize in every single challenge!


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