Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Today and Always with Keren Baker

Hi everyone! Hope you're ok.
It's getting to that season again.
The flurry of panic over what to wear, what to buy, where to stay and how to remain polite whilst speaking to a gazillion new people. Smiling so much that your jaw hurts and then wondering quite how it ended costing so much when you were simply a guest!
Wedding season.
Well, I think this will the be the first year where I won't be going to one, but I happened to glance at the fun stamp set LS Exclusives: So Tweet with Evelin T Designs and thought 'wedding'!
It looks a little like nuptials with a Hipster twist. There isn't a wedding dress in the set, but it was easy to create one.
First up, some masking. I didn't fancy fussy cutting the hats so I stamped the hat onto a piece of cardstock, then stamped it onto some post-it notes. Cut out the image on the post-it note and stick on top of the original stamped hat. Then stamp the bird body on top & you get a perfectly positioned hat and body
You can have so much fun playing 'dress-up'with this set. It took me back to the push out clothing books and paper dolls I loved when I was a kid and then the fashion designer set with a crayon that you rubbed over the top and mixed and matched tops, bottoms, patterns etc.
Anyway, enough of my childhood! I think they make such a cute couple and this would be perfect for a wedding or an anniversary too!
I've coloured them with alcohol markers and am hoping that no-one will notice that her dress is actually see-through! I couldn't emulate a wedding dress any other way. I guess as birds already wear feathers, maybe it's not too much of a shocker for today ;-)
See you soon xx


  1. Keren!!! They are adorable!! What a wonderful idea for this set to make them into "love birds". Love how you kicked it up a notch and came up with formal attire for them!

  2. SUPER CUTE card Keren!!!
    LOVE your TWEET feathered couple and CLEVER wedding dress!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your INKY and CREATIVE INSPIRATION :)

  3. What a darling card! ❤️ Sweet couple.

  4. You've just carried me back to my own childhood, Keren! Not only have you created a see-through wedding dress, you've started my day off with a big smile! thanks ... xx

  5. Leave it to Keren to come up with avian nuptials. Honestly, this is so sweet it makes my teeth ache. Perfect masking, dear me, the hat even has a feather on it and the bridal gown (or perhaps, apron) it beyond adorable...and, oh so, chic if you look at today's styles. Isn't Keren brilliant...a genius with a huge imagination.

  6. Love this and this couple is just too, too Tweet!! I love all the masking you did and the fabulous coloring and the excellent card design!! Love it!!

  7. They are an adorable couple... so cute :)!


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