Monday, April 21, 2014

April Special Guest Star, Jocelyn Olson!

1 of 2 posts today.  For the Introduction to April's Special Guest Star, Melissa Phillips CLICK HERE.

Seeing Jocelyn Olson's work is a revelation.  There is mastery of layering AND white space!  She uses digital and mixed media products with equal aplomb and grace.  The details Jocelyn adds are invariably thoughtful, artistic and inspiring.  We think Jocelyn is simply stupendous!  We are as excited as children Christmas morning to have Jocelyn as one of our Special Guest Stars this month!



I’m a wife, mom of two great kids, avid papercrafter, bright color lover, non-fiction book reader, Brady Bunch fan, and expert Polly Pockets dresser. In my spare time, I work as a consultant for states on Federal education and special education programs. Currently, I’m on the Scraptastic Club Design Team and the Glitz Design Digital Team. Thanks Shay and Julie for having me as the Guest Star for the second Winnie + Walter release. I'm excited to be guesting!


Be sure to tune in here for Jocelyn's unbelievable projects this Wednesday and Friday!


  1. Jocelyn is a BOMBSHELL of card creativity. Her cards burst with innovation. I LOVE her sense of humor that shows through her projects. Can't wait to see her work with WINNIE and WALTER.

  2. Congrats to Jocelyn, LOVE that girl--she is a great choice for guest designer. Awesome style!

  3. Cannot WAIT to see Jocelyn's work with W&W!

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