Friday, March 17, 2017

w&w 3rd Birthday Bash | Challenge Winners

This is our second post today.  To see Lydia's post CLICK HERE.

It is beyond time to announce the random challenge winners of our month-long 3rd Birthday Bash Challenges!

We treasure each of your comments and for creating such magnificent art with our products.  It humbles us mightily.  We may need food, water, sleep and shelter to live, but it is you that is one of the things that makes the living rewarding! :-)

>>>3rd BIRTHDAY BASH CHALLENGE WINNERS<<< (randomly chosen)

  • Three Challenge with Shayrachel_vass_shay_challenge_IMG_1516
  • No. 14 Rachel Vass

  • Cute Critters Challenge with Gayatri
  • preeti_d_gayatri_challenge 
    No. 4 Preeti D.

  • Ink Smooshing with Heather H

  • ashwini_ink_smooshing_heather_h_challenge_32968267536_b501b5ac64_z 
    No. 16 Ashwini

  • Mood Board Challenge with Heather P 

  • jessica_lin_heather_p_challenge_IMG_3771 
    No. 89 Jessica Lin

  • Sequins Challenge with Kate
  • maraym_kate_challenge_img_9057 
    No. 22 Maryam
    No. 59 Sue LD
    No. 24 Andrea Shell 
    No. 9 Pooja
    No. 21 Dee Earnshaw


    Winners please contact info {at} winniewalter {dot} com with which winner you are in the subject (for example Three Challenge with Shay Winner).  

    Challenge giveaway winners:  we will provide you with a coupon code to use to purchase $75.00 worth of product at the w&w shop of your choice.  If the products you want are not currently in stock, don't worry the coupon code will not expire immediately.  Coupon codes can be used with purchase of other products.  Winner will be responsible to pay for shipping & handling.

    Thank you to everyone who entered our challenges.  Every single project entered is precious to us. 

    As for the winner of the Guest Star Competition that will be announced at a later time as there are so many incredible entries. :-) 


    1. Yay! Thank you so much for the prize! Can't believe I'm in that list too!! I am jumping up and down for joy!! And congrats to all the other winners too!!
      xx Ashwini

    2. Many congratulations to the winners!! Thanks for these awesome challenges!!

    3. Congrats to all the winner's. I can spot some of fave entries here 💗

    4. 🎉🎉🎉👏🏻. I was sick and sleeping and I saw this lucky post I jumped up the bed they thought that I am crazy. . Congratulations to all the winners. Shay you are the best of the best. I really can not believe this. Your generosity is behind any word description but for sure deeply appreciated. Million billions thanks .

    5. Congratulations to all the winners....esp to my crafty friend, Sue LD! Fabulous work by everyone!! You will have so much fun with all your new goodies. Thank you to Shay and everyone at W&W for another FABULOUS set of challenges. I had so much fun participating!!
      <3 J

      jwoolbright at gmail dot com

    6. Thank you SO much Shay ,W& W and the entire team for Awesome challenges and inspiring us to create !! I am doing a Happy dance :) Congrats to the fellow winners.

    7. Oh my I was going to bed but then I decided to check W&W's blog... and now I'm too excited and overjoyed to be able to fall asleep! Congrats to the other winners, too!
      Thank you for these wonderful challenges and inspirations, I had so much fun experimenting and playing with these awesome products. Love W&W!! <3

    8. I had so much fun creating for all the different challenges, thank you so much everyone at W&W for a fab month...and to win as well is just the icing on the cake! Congrats to all the winners and all the other entries, you provided me with so much inspiration, thank you.

    9. Congratulations ladies. Your cards are all so lovely!

    10. Congratulations to all! Enjoy your spending sprees!

    11. Congrats to all the winners. I was so glad I was able to participate.

    12. Congrats to the lucky winners. Enjoy!
      I had so much fun creating cards for all of the challenges.

    13. great presentation of the WW birthday bash

    14. Congrats to all the winner and Thank you so much for choosing me as one of the lucky winners, too. Today has been the BEST Thank you W& W!!!!

    15. congratulations to all the winners,awesome entries

    16. Yay!!! Thank you, you made my day. ;)


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