Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Stamp of Approval Blog Hop!

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Have you heard about Catherine Pooler's Stamp of Approval?

When we met Catherine in person at CHA in January she mentioned a new idea she was contemplating and swore us to secrecy as she was still in the early stages of conceptualization.  Naturally, we were intrigued and interested! A few months later we were delighted to receive an email from Catherine about developing product for her Stamp of Approval box.  We worked with Catherine to design the products using inspiration and input from Catherine that Julie then interpreted and sprinkled liberally with some fun, graphic w&w flair.  Both of the w&w items included in this Stamp of Approval box will not be available separately for purchase until 2016!

Going on right now is a blog hop where the more you comment, the bigger your chance to win a Stamp of Approval box of your own.

To start the Stamp of Approval Blog Hop CLICK HERE!

To see a preview of our In Bloom: Eva's Favorite Flowers stamp set check out this video by Catherine:

Remember CLICK HERE to begin the Stamp of Approval Blog Hop!

Happy hopping!


  1. How exciting!
    Eva's favorite flowers are beautiful! Can't wait to ink them up!

  2. How exciting!
    Eva's favorite flowers are beautiful! Can't wait to ink them up!

  3. This is so cool and the video is lovely and so exciting!! How awesome is it that you guys have products in her Stamp of Approval kit - so cool and I am so charmed by the sweetness of these blooms and I am just so interested in this whole idea!!! Thanks for being a part of it!!!

  4. DELIGHTFUL set and EXCITING venture to be part of - CONGRATULATIONS Julie & Shay!!!
    LOVE the flowers and LOVE the endless layering opportunities :)
    I will keep practising with Lola's Bouquet so that I have lots of inky combinations ready and waiting!!!

  5. Now who wouldn't love to have another set of your fabulous blooms? Eva's look gorgeous!
    =] Michele


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