Thursday, December 11, 2014


It has been a bit quiet here on the w&w blog this week.  We are taking the time to work on planning for January (and beyond) and resting up and/or recovering from illness (please wish Julie a speedy recovery as she has some nasty bug).

Speaking of January (only a few weeks away!), that is our birthday month and we will be celebrating our first birthday!  We can hardly believe it.  We want to include everyone in on the celebration as you have made it a wondrous and festive occasion.

We will have challenges open all month-long hosted by Julie, Shay + the Talent (sort of like we did for World Card Making Day but a bit more w&w-centric lol), awesome special guest stars, BIG giveaways, we will share our whirlwind experience being tourists at CHA (anyone else going and want to meet just let us know!), our January Release at the end of the month and just loads of fun!

Of course we still have lots of Winter Wonderland inspiration to share with you in December starting with Gayatri tomorrow and continuing on with our December Leading Lady Laurel Beard Saturday (don't forget to check out her delightful first Leading Lady post HERE)!

Wishing you a very joyous December,
Walter, Julie, Winnie & Shay.


  1. Feel better soon Julie!! Lots of rest now! :D Can't wait for the fun to begin!!

  2. Hopr you're feeling better soon, Julie!

  3. Get well soon Julie.. and so excited for January :)
    Moxie Craftie

  4. Hope she feels better!
    Yay you took my suggestion for the challenges!!!! I'm so excited for January and I'll be able to play along more because I have a short break from school, woohoo. :)

  5. Feel better Julie and looking forward to the birthday celebration.

  6. Oh, thank you so much ladies!!! I'm feeling much better now and I did get some much needed rest. *hugs*

  7. Excited to see all you have in store! You guys are amazing!!!

  8. GET WELL SOON Julie!!!
    CHA is going to be SO EXCITING for you ALL!!!
    As for your 1st Birthday - I'm SUPER EXCITED - it feels like I have known you all for much more than just one year :)
    I have a DELICIOUS W&W delivery that is tempting me to create this weekend ... I wonder what my new stamps & stencils will INSPIRE me to make?

  9. Feel better soon, Julie!!! I am so excited about next month....yay!! I will be at CHA too so I would love to meet you both!!! :)

  10. Thanks again everyone for the well wishes! It is so sweet of all of you. I'm feeling much better and playing catch up. :)


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