Friday, May 27, 2016

Hello Cell Phone with Kelly

Hi Folks! Today I have a scrapbook page in the "Hello xxx" series, documenting my progress in making life changes (large and small) in my 45th year. This page documents a landmark moment in my life. My first cell phone. I'm dead serious. Until a couple weeks ago I had never owned a cell phone. I've been the lone hold-out for several reasons, one of which is documented on my page.

I love using Winnie & Walter's large dies for scrapbook pages since they're so, well, large. They don't get lost on a 12x12 page, especially if you group them in multiples. Adding several hearts (from True Multifaceted Heart Cutaways) to this page is a good way for me to establish the overall color scheme.

At the top of the page I added a multifaceted heart instead of a solid heart. I was excited about using the multifaceted shape on top of a photo because you can see through it. So you get the best of both worlds, a layered shape on top of a photo for some interest, and the ability to still see the photo. I will definitely keep this in mind for future pages. 
The word "Hello" from In a Word: Hello Cutaway is what I'm basing this series on, as well as the banner from The Big The Bold and Extras Cutaways for the secondary title. The whimsical border going around the page is from Scenery: The Party Hangover. It's the perfect length to stamp twice to cover the length of the page. Now that's efficient!

I always like to add the date to pages, and the pennant flag from Essentials: Katharine Cutaways is just the right size to accommodate a date stamp. The star from Big Bang Confetti Cutaways is a good place to add more details for this photo (our first texts on our new phones).  
Here's a closer look at the journaling. Along the bottom I've stamped the Argyle pattern from Scenery: Holiday Trimmings (available later in 2016) to give it more of a finished look.

Thanks so much for looking! I know most of you are card makers, so I appreciate you hanging around for these scrapbooking pages : )




  1. Kelly, please take solice in the fact that you are NOT the last adult to own a cell phone. That title belongs to me...and yes, I always feel like the us government is looking for me because of non-compliance!! I honestly do not believe that I am "important enough" that I need a telephone connected to my body at all times, or that anyone needs to communicate with me whenever they choose. That's what my answering machine at my home is for. My budget is the biggest reason I have not joined the cell phone crowd...i simply cannot afford something that I feel is not a necessity for me. Enjoy your new toy, as I know you will.

  2. You, my friend, are the cutest! LOve your reasoning - feel the same about those families who don't talk to one another at a restaurant. However ... I have had a cell phone since 9/11, when I was still working as a trade - show manager, and twice a month was winging off to another conference. I never end a phone call, or say goodbye to one of my children without saying 'I love you.' I hope my last time doesn't have to be by phone - but oh I would be sad if I couldn't say it! LOve your layout, and you, sweet girl. xx

  3. I love your layouts! Well done for holding out on a phone for as long as possible. I use mine way too much!


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