Saturday, September 8, 2018

September Leading Lady Maryam Shalaby | Take Two (Video)

Our September Leading Lady, Maryam Shalaby is back for her sensational second performance!  If you missed her smashing debut you must see it...CLICK HERE.   I think you will be enchanted with today's cards as I am!

Ladies and gentlemen, Maryam...

Hello and welcome back , I am still as excited as my first post for being a September leading lady at Winnie and walter blog and I would like to share with you these elegant cards that I made as my takome back , I am still as excited as my first post for being a September leading lady at winnie and walter blog and I would like to share with you these elegant cards that I made as my take 2 . Before I started I would like to thank you for your kind words and support it means too much for me. If you follow me you will notice that I love to use vellum in my cards . Vellum usually my elegant element , I love to used it in my shaker, emboss my sentiment on it and / or for adding details or layers in to my cards . In my post today , I will share with you who I made these two vellum covered cards .

In these two cards I used vellum as a main card but I placed it over another base card to highlight this vellum content. In my first card I colored over vellum then I placed it over a white cardstock . Here is some tips for who I made this card

* used a heavy vellum and I folded it as I fold my cards that opens up .
* for my no line coloring , I stamped my image for these two tulips flower from winnie and walter In Bloom Addie's Garden stamp set over a white piece of paper and I placed under the vellum , I secured them with washi tape after that I started to color .


* here in this card I used prismacolor pencils for coloring over vellum . Trying to blend many colors and added more details to the flowers .
*I was checking out every now and then who the images looks without the stamped background by placing a piece of white scrape under the colored vellum . Then adding more details on the vellum.
*I highlighted the images by adding blue pencil colors around the main image and blend them with blending copic to not leave any strike lines and get this
smooth look.


* I stamped the sentiment from the new release of winnie and walter In Bloom: Ashlee's Rosie Posies with Lydia Evans stamp set. using a dye ink , be careful because vellum tend to move with your stamping so you have to secure your vellum well in your stamping tool and I used my heat gun to fix the ink in the vellum and speed up the time .
* I placed the vellum over a standard sized folded to up white card stock.
* as a final details I added some gems at the bottom and gold thread around the upper part .


You can watch the video here on my youtube channel or here:

For my second card that open to the sided, I used embossing powder over vellum .


We all know how it is elegant to used while embossing powder over a vellum to create a wedding or elegant congratulations card . For this card I used golden beach embossing powder over a vellum then placed it over a light blush beachy cardstock .here is some tips describing who I made this card.


* in this card I used a medium weighted vellum and I folded to be standard size card open to the side * I applied some antistatic ( here is I used a baby powder ) on the vellum then I used versa fine ink to stamp the image from Winnie and Walter In Bloom: Addie's Garden stamp set then added the embossing powder over them.
* I found that when you applied good amount of the powder just over the image it will stick more over the embossing ink .


* I found one of flowers not having this sooth lining so I made another one in scrape of vellum and I cut it and added it to hide the one that I don’t like and to add more dimension to the card .
* I used prisma color pencils to add some details inside the flowers then I blend them with blending copic .


* I placed the vellum over a folded blush beachy card stock that open in the side then I cut with me hand a stripe of vellum to make a little border for the vellum part .
* I die cut these letters for congrats using winnie and walter Typecast: Cary Letter Cutaways . I used piece of silver glittery paper and I colored it with both peach and blush alcohol marker colors . I added a tiny piece of hand cut strip of this glitter paper to the main beech color card stock to match the die cut letter on the side .
* I added some gems on the flower as final touch details.


If you'd like a chance to win a $30 gift certificate to winnie and walter store( thanks Shay for providing this giveaway it's too kind of you ) , kindly leave a comment on all of Leading Lady post at my blog maryams craft . I will randomly draw a winner from all of the comments and announce the winner on October 2nd .


Thanks for joining me this week , I hope you liked these two cards and get inspired. I Can't wait to meet you next week with another theme creations . Have an amazing weekend.




  1. Love the cards featured today! The tulips are spectacular!

  2. So Elegant both your cards are !! I am in love with the pencil colored tulips...they look amazing!Thanks for sharing the video.

  3. Such beautiful cards! I love the tip on making no-line coloring on vellum by putting the stamped image underneath while coloring. Fabulous work, Maryam!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  4. Your tulip card is absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing your coloring technique, enjoyed your video. Love your cards!

  5. Very pretty cards. I like your use of vellum.

  6. Beautiful vellum cards. The pencils on vellum is fabulous and I love the embossing over the letters. Thanks for the creative inspiration.

  7. I have Addie's Garden & for some reason have trouble using it. Thank you for the gorgeous inspiration!

  8. Maryam, these are beautiful- particularly the tulip one on vellum! x

  9. So pretty and elegant.
    fyi... the link to Maryam’s take one post is incorrect.

  10. That’s such a lovely pair of cards !!

  11. Gorgeous...Love the purple one so much...

  12. Both cards are gorgeous! The coloring on the Collect Beautiful Moments card is fabulous. I love the elegance of vellum on cards and these designs and colors are perfect on it.


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