Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Blessings with Kelly

Hello! For every cousin who gets married in our family we make a family recipe scrapbook. Each family member submits their favorite recipe and a picture of themselves, and then I put them all together into an album for the bride-to-be. This tradition is coming to an end this year, as the last cousin is getting married in October. Although it's a lot of work, I'm kind of sad this will be the final scrapbook.

One of my favorite pages so far is this page with a bouquet of flowers from two different Winnie & Walter sets, In Bloom: Anna's Flora and In Bloom: Addie's Garden

To color the flowers I misted the cardstock with water to get it slightly damp. Then I smooshed ink onto my acrylic block, misted that with water, and smooshed the block onto the cardstock. If there were any areas that didn't get a lot of coverage I just repeated these steps. A few water droplets add some more spots to the paper. Then I stamped each flower onto a section of the cardstock and cut them out by hand.  

Arranging them is probably just like arranging real flowers ... the big, bold flowers in the lower center, working your way to the smaller, lighter flowers in the outer edges of the bouquet. I would probably have a hard time stamping the flowers directly to paper arranged in a bouquet like this. It's much easier for me to cut them out and physically move them around the paper until I'm happy with everything. 

Here's the entire page. I was really happy Aunt Kay's shirt and the wall she's standing in front of are yellow to blend in with my background! As a card-maker, I'm not used to taking into account the fixed design elements in the photo as well. I'm also kind of dying to make the Pay Day Bars recipe she shared!

Not wanting to waste any good, smooshed-ink cardstock, I cut a few butterflies from my favorite Essentials set, Essentials: Audrey Cutaways and added them to the bouquet to fill in the spaces. To add some details to the butterflies I tied a strand of gold thread around the middle, knotted it where the butterfly's head would be, and left some length on the ends for the antenna.

To finish it all off, I added the "blessings" sentiment from The Big, the Bold and Blessings Cutaways. I made it a curved sentiment by slightly bending the paper in between each letter. It's amazing how much better the arrangement looks by having the sentiment curved and mirroring the general shape of the bouquet. 

I have many more family recipe scrapbook pages to share with you over the next several months. Hope you enjoyed seeing this one!




  1. What a fantastic tradition! Beautiful scrapbook memories and recipes too!

  2. Kelly! I can hardly bear that this wonderful tradition will end. I love this, and all of those others you've shared!

  3. What a fabulous tradition, Kelly! Your cousins are very lucky to have these beautiful, creative scrapbooks to treasure! Gorgeous bouquet with the curved sentiment & love how you made the butterflies!

  4. What a fabulous tradition, and fun (though labour-intensive) to put together! I love your hand-cut bouquet, the little butterflies on this page, and the curved 'blessings' on this page.

  5. Your flowers are so beautiful! And, what a lovely tradition.

  6. Love these pretty blooms and your technique with such lovely tradition!

  7. This is such a beautiful page! I really love this recipe scrapbook idea. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL LABOR OF LOVE! I KNOW your cousin will LOVE THIS!!! ;)

  9. This is such a wonderful way to colour flowers! So creative and great for a day when you want something free flowing or are short on time! Sensational finished design!


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