Wednesday, May 17, 2017

You Are 3 with Kelly

Hi Folks! Today I've got a sweet little card for a sweet little three-year-old. This card gets most of its sweetness from one of my favorite sets, Welcome to the Family with Evelin T Designs, featuring a toppling tower of animals trying to balance themselves on a block. To keep this a one-layer card, the animals and block are all masked. The only tough thing about masking is figuring out which stamp goes first! In this case it's the elephant, and then I can stamp the block and remaining animals. I intentionally stamped them crooked to give the scene a little more energy. Since this card is for a toddler, I kept the coloring to bright solids for the animals.

Love how the block is just the right place to put your sentiment. When an image serve a purpose in a scene and is also the sentiment that's a win-win! I borrowed a portion of a sentiment from Happiest of Holidays from Evelin T Designs for the "you are." The number is from Typecast: Cary and fits  perfectly in the block.

The side panel was created by sponging ink through Scenery: Harleen Creative Screening. If you double up the design by shifting it slightly to the side and down for your second color of ink, it gives you a more dense background. I really like the negative spaces in this design too.

It's bordered by the secondary sentiment "giant hugs & lots of love" from Sending You with Evelin T Designs. I like how it serves as an end of the stenciled area, and also adds a little to the message to the card.

Love that with everything going on in this card, it's still one layer for mailing! It's always amazing to me how all of the Winnie & Walter sets mix so well together. This card has elements from five different sets and one stencil and you would never know it. They all get along so well : )

Thanks so much for looking!




  1. Oh Kelly, I'm so glad I'm not the only one that has to think twice [or ten times in my case] when masking! You little tower of animals will be loved, I'm sure of it ... and that stenciling? Awesome!!

  2. Super adorable card :) the baby animals are very sweet, fun colors and great design. Loved it.

  3. So adorable! The background is cool too!Loved the card!

  4. This is so cute and I love the background and masking.


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