Friday, March 10, 2017

The Gossip Column with Taheerah Atchia No. 6 | Hot Gossips + Gossip Queen Announced

Welcome back, fellow Gossipers! We've been so thrilled with the response to the latest issue of The Gossip Column! We continue to be ever thankful all for your kind words, comments, shares, and your enthusiasm for this exciting feature on the w&w blog!

We were bowled over by the quality of each and every entry - you all certainly seemed to embrace the challenge, not just in terms of the use of different marbling looks, but in getting outside of your comfort zone and trying different techniques and designs and we were so impressed - bravo!!

Just to recap, for this challenge we wanted to see you use the look of marble in your creations, with extra credit for embracing a new-to-you technique and out-of-your-comfort-zone designs! We loved the results - you guys really brought your A Game to this one!!

We have to say that all the entries for this challenge raised the bar so high that it really made picking winners extra difficult! We thought long and hard, and finally arrived at our decision for this column's Hot Gossips (runner-ups) and Gossip Queen (winner)!!

Drumroll please...

We actually lost track of the number of projects Maryam created across the challenge - but from her total of 9 entries this particular submission left us really impressed. Her gift wrapping in places looks like real marble, and she achieved that with gouache and the results are incredible! She also embraced the challenge in every which way possible - stretching herself outside of her comfort zone, trying new techniques, stretching her supplies, trying different styles... every single one exhibited a budding talent in the making! Maryam without a doubt this entry is Hot Gossip!!

Lisa's Creative Niche used nail polish for her marbling technique, and her results were just stunning! The bold and bright colours created such a striking result, and yet her composition leaves her card still feeling light and airy too - no mean feat! Lisa this eye candy rightfully makes you Hot Gossip!!

And that brings us to our marble-ous (sorry, we just had to!) Gossip Queen...

Ashwini.... this girl always impresses and amazes with her entries - but the final of her three creations for this challenge just left us dumbfounded! Her bold, almost Pop Art look is so striking and inventive! She took her cues from one of the inspiration images in the Column - but her final result is an artistic and technical masterpiece in its own right. Modern, clever, and perfectly executed! I couldn't help but name her Gossip Queen!!

Lisa and Maryam - you each win a $15 credit to the w&w store, and Ashwini you walk away with a $30 credit! Congratulations!! Please contact info{at}winniewalter{dot}com to claim your prizes!!

Please join us in congratulating these fantastic ladies and their amazing creations!! Everyone's entries were of such a high standard and you all deserve the plaudits too!! Please do take some time to browse the gallery to see everyone's work - you can find them at the bottom of the last The Gossip Column here.

For all you Gossipers who are keen to get the latest scoop, issue 7 of The Gossip Column will be hot off the press in a few weeks! We'll see you back here to get the exclusive on the latest gossip then!!

'Til then - keep on gossiping!



  1. Awesome picks! Gorgeous projects!

  2. Congrats ladies!!!! Your creations are stunning!!!

  3. Wow.....blown away by these amazing and awesome marbled masterpieces!! Congratulations to the winners....VERY well-deserved!!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  4. Wowie!! Stunning projects :) what innovative ways of showcasing marbling. Congrats ladies!!

  5. Congrats to the winners! Such gorgeous projects!
    I had so much fun exploring new to me techniques.
    Thank you, Taheerah, for inspiring us to try new things!

  6. Wow!! Congrats to all the rock girl!!

  7. Wow!! Congrats to all the rock girl!!

  8. Thanks so much, I'm so honored to be a hot gossip girl, congratulations to the other winners and to everyone who entered, you're projects all rocked! LOVE trying new techniques, and it's so fun to be continually learning, thank you so much!

  9. Congrats to Ashwini, and all the others! Great cards!

  10. Oh my God, I am so blessed and happy 😊. It was fun and joy to explore new techniques for all of us. I was so embressed with all the entries for this challenge. Congratulations to the winner. Taheerah Can't wait to surprise us with the next challenge. Thank you all

  11. Thank you so much Taheerah! Can't believe it - I am jumping for joy!! Congrats to Maryam and Lisa - you've made some amazing creations, ladies!!
    xx Ashwini

  12. Congrats to all the winners and especially Ashwini... Your card is just stunning!!


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