Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Please Ask Me For Hugs with Keren

How are you all? It's Keren with you today with a card to encourage any friend going through a tough time!

So, have Winnie and Walter secretly brought out a new set of word Cutaways? 
Nope. I've just got my scissors out, and snipped individual letters out from different In A Word: Cutaways to create a fun sentiment! 
So which ones? Which dies can you spy? 
Well, the obvious one is the In A Word: Hugs and then Peace, I've used HomeMerryKisses and
My first thought was to just snip the 's' off a 'hugs' and add an 'e' to make 'huge hugs' but then had someone in mind when I made this phrase. I've used soft pastels as it's supposed to be a calming card and for the background I've used the Cover Model: The Leaf Effect Cutaway.
I hope you'll give your In A Word Cutaways a second glance and see what fun words you can create using them!
See you soon! xx




  1. Genius! Love this card, and I love seeing how dies can be stretched for other uses.

  2. Now I have to work out all the words I can get out of my words dies! You are so smart!

  3. Totally swiping this clever idea, Keren!!! Thanks for sharing your very clever, superb design style! xx

  4. Oh so clever & I love this card! I know it will cheer your friend, Keren!

  5. Very creative, clever and inspirational!! Outstanding artwork!!

  6. Can we all agree that Keren is a genius...just say yes!

  7. What a genius idea, Keren! Love the sentiment, too.

  8. Absolutely Brilliant and Creative! Genius ❤️

  9. WOW wow WOW
    THANK YOU for sharing your A-Z of AWESOMENESS Keren!!!
    ... looks like it's time for me to add some more words to my collection :)

  10. Hi Keren ~ This is incredibly clever and creative and just plain AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing.

  11. You always present us with the most amazing and surprising cards! This is so very clever... in both design and the purpose of the sentiment/card. Just love it!

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