Saturday, October 3, 2015

WCMD 2015 | Partial Stamping with Kelly

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Hi Folks! How fun are these challenges?!? I'm so excited to help winnie & walter celebrate World Card Making Day with a challenge of my own ... to ink only a portion of your stamp. The possibilities!!

In my case, I needed something for my pumpkins to sit in, so I found a floral stamp with lots of tiny petals and used those petals to make a field. Here's how:

Since I just wanted a random mix of patterns, I skipped the acrylic block entirely and just used my hands to hold the stamp. Have you done this before? It's kind of like playing in the mud ... feels wrong but it's fun!

Then you just randomly stamp where you need it with a few different colors. If you're making a set of cards, the nice thing is that they will be different every time.
Here's the final card, with an Autumn field. The moon, stars, pumpkins, owl and sentiment are from our featured set of the month Moonlight (since it's featured, it's also on sale this month!) The flower stamp is a chrysanthemum from a soon-to-be-released set : )

Now it's time for you to take a closer look at your stamps and see what you can come up with! Maybe you'll use the lens of a camera, the rings of a tree stump, the doorway of a house, or an interesting pattern of lines. Your portion of the stamp can be the main feature of your card, can add texture, or can be used to build a scene like I did here.

I seriously can't wait to see what you come up with for this challenge! I will be anxiously awaiting your entries : ) Happy WCMD!

Prize: One randomly chosen project that is linked up will win $50.00 gift credit to the w&w shop.

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  1. Such a fun idea and card. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Well, how cool and innovative is your partial! I'm intrigued...Definitely going to give this a try!

  3. i LOVE these cheerful pumpkins! Adorable!
    Take care!

  4. What a fun technique. Love your scene. Going to try this technique. Hugz

  5. Cool technique to stamp partially with different colors to create interesting patterns !loved the autumn colored grass in your card !

  6. Such a fun idea to extend the use of stamps!! Lovely!
    Moxie Craftie

  7. Awesome card!! Love how you used a part of a flower to create the grown!!

  8. What a cool idea! Off to inspect my stamps right now!

  9. BOO-tiful card Kelly :)
    LOVE your PRETTY scene, LOVE your field of pumpkins and SPARKLING sky!!! The polka dots inside look great too.
    THANK YOU for sharing your INKY INSPIRATION and FUN technique!!!
    I look forward to stretching my stamping limits and give this technique a try, heading off to check out my stamps now, can't wait to see what you inspire me to create :)

  10. I absolutely adore this card, Kelly, and this technique looks fun, too! I just love that you created the look of a pile of leaves.

  11. Really pretty how you used the part of the flower to make leaves.

  12. Awesome card & Super Fun technique...i hv to dig into my stamps n hv to do lots of brainstorming to try this super technique...TFS !! :)

  13. What a great idea for a challenge, Lydia! I hope to play along - this is a real challenge for me!

  14. What a great idea for a challenge, Lydia! I hope to play along - this is a real challenge for me!

  15. Kelly, this is very creative technique!

  16. I need to try this! Sooo cool! Thanks for the idea!!

  17. All the layered colors look beautiful :)

  18. Kelly, you are so creative !! I loved your technique and your card too. Thanks for sharing :)

  19. Out of the box defines you! Love the end result with the partial stamping. Really innovative!


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