Friday, October 3, 2014

Congrats! with Kelly

Hi Winnie & Walter fans! I'm (Kelly) excited to share a card that was so much fun to make, and really shows how well all the different Winnie & Walter sets go together!

 Winnie & Walter, LLC

I stamped the large "congrats!" sentiment from TheBig, the Bold and YouThen I drew a curved line in pencil from the upper left corner to the lower right corner, which I carefully erased later. This is what I used as my guide to stamp and place all the tiny bits and pieces from the rest of the card.

Starting at the top left corner, I stamped the tiny and medium-sized sequins from Scenery: Big, Bang, Bling and the tiny stars from Scenery: Big Bang Confetti.

Then, starting from the sentiment to the bottom right corner, I stamped medium and large-sized sequins, large stars, and the "hooray" from This Awesome House. It was so fun to also add the real sequins next to the stamped sequins. For any areas that looked a little empty, I filled with the tiny star stamp. I absolutely LOVE that tiny star stamp. It's so adorable, and, well, tiny!

You could make a card like this with any of the script sentiments, and any mix of the scenery stamps (bubbles, dots, asterisks, squares, etc.)  What a great card set this would be to have a few different sentiments, and then the different smaller stamps. I think am putting that on my list of things to make!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. beautiful!! love the sequins stamp!!
    Moxie Craftie

  2. Love the cascading sequins and stars Kelly! The stripes inside are fun too!

  3. great card kelly! love the fun color inside!

  4. Fantastic card! Love the colours and those sequin stamps are so on my wishlist!!!

  5. GORGEOUS card Kelly - LOVE your burst of CHEERY sequins!!!
    Having the print inside looks so exciting, I'm not sure if you have used patterned card stock and stamped on the reverse side or added a panel inside, either way, it the colors really celebrate the front!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your inspiration & tutorial, I look forward to getting these sequin stamps and working with curves too :)

    1. Hi TracyM - thanks for the sweet comment! On the inside I adhered a 4 3/16 x 5 1/2 panel of patterned paper to the white cardstock base. I love adding paper on the inside for the extra something it gives the card, and because it's so quick to do. Then I just add a journaling block when I'm ready to send it to someone. You'll love the sequin stamps ... they go with everything!

  6. What a fun and fabulous cascade of shimmery, sparkly goodness, Kelly ... love that repeated hooray ... captures so well the sense of joy that goes with a congratulatory moment! Anita :)


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