Saturday, July 5, 2014

Special Guest Star Julie Ebersole!


 Let me tell you a little story.  I (Shay) contacted Julie Ebersole to see if she was interested in being a special guest star with us sometime this summer through her blog without telling our Julie (as in Julie Mogford).  When I heard from Julie Ebersole that she was happy to guest in July it was kismet as July is also our Julie's birthday month (next Friday in fact. wink! wink!).  As an early surprise birthday gift I forwarded Julie Ebersole's response to our Julie who was so utterly surprised and delighted. :-)  Perhaps this tells you a bit of how much we adore Julie Ebersole and her infectious, completely unforgettable laugh!  Julie Ebersole's laugh alone is an indicator of the playful, joyful and creative soul that with her handy tweezers breaths life into her creations.



My husband and I live on an island in Washington State, have two great kids, one outrageously adorable grandbaby and one fur-baby (dog). I first learned about rubber stamping from my cousin and became instantly addicted to stamps, ink and paper! I'm a former public school teacher, but for the last 20 years I've been working in the paper craft industry as a designer, as well as teaching live and online classes in card making. When I'm not making cards, I love chatting with my granddaughter on FaceTime, spending time with my family, attending my son's athletic events, and playing with photography apps on my iPhone.


Summery-bright, clean and exuberant this card is sure to brighten anyone's day!  This ombre-tastic card makes The Big, the Bold and Fun shine.

Incredible color choices with the bold punches of black and white make this a vibrant and classic beauty like Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast in Tiffany's" that will never go out of style.  Julie rocked The Big, the Bold and Extras stamp set with this lovely card.

Preppy horizontal stripes plus the speech bubble + sentiment from Bubble Talk give this card a fun, boyish edge.

CLICK HERE to see more about Julie's projects + to enter a giveaway of the stamps she used!


  1. Julie totally rocks! and her cards are awesome too! I always get a kick out of her videos. :D

  2. Yay for Julie! Her cards are always pure perfection!

  3. I am so glad you asked Julie to be a guest...her personality brightens all who watch her videos and her talent is amazing.

  4. What fun cards.
    I just adore your big word stamps.

  5. So fabulous, just like the gal who created 'em!!! Thank you for featuring the great Julie E.!! Love her work! :)

  6. Wonderful cards! I love everything Julie does! Her laugh always makes me feel happy!

  7. Yaynesss for Julie!!! Man....her cards seriously ROCK!! That is all. :)

  8. Great cards. I have long been an admirer of Julie Ebersole's work and outlook! xxx

  9. Julie has done such beautiful work with your stamps. Stunning in fact!

  10. Love these bold and bright cards!

  11. Beautiful cards Julie. Love your clean and simple style.

  12. GREAT getting to know you Julie!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your FABULOUS cards with us :)


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